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With over 30 years experience, it can safely be assumed that the people at Wipers® International know a thing or two about wiper blades. Our Number One priority is the safety of the end user which is why we only incorporate top quality TUV approved blades and refills within our range. Having said this, it has been our recommendation for quite some time now, that all brands of wiper blades including Wipers® wiper blades be changed every 6 months or as a matter of course at each service and not just at MOT tests when often they are completely ineffective.

The main reason behind this is that current technological research suggests that the most efficient material for use in blade construction is still 100% natural rubber. This would be fine if water was the only natural element involved. Unfortunately natural rubber is prone to corrosion from the sun’s UV rays and constant changes in temperature, which effectively break it down. Additives are mixed into the rubber compounds or the blades are coated to allow for greater structural stability. Our “Ultimate” blades have a fused powder coating to offer increased UV protection and although blade life is significantly increased, we still recommend that they be replaced at 6 month intervals to guarantee maximum wipe efficiency.

The problem is that most people only recognise poor wiper blades when it’s raining but soon forget about them in dry, sunny weather, when in actual fact most of the deterioration occurs. We would like to ensure that the average driver thinks, “I must change these wiper blades…” long before his or her current blades are screeching across the screen.

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